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Progress on this site has been stagnant because second year of university is just one thing after the other. Currently trying to find a pleasing way to showcase my art on here - if anyone has any tips on making a gallery do let me know - as well as mustering the energy to post my album review. I can't say much about my current uni project but we're devising a puppet-led play for small children, so I gotta build puppets, learn lines, and clean up my room. The room cleaning is imperative however I'm always completely fucking drained. Waiting on results from the musculoskeletal clinic & praying they contact me so I don't have to call them. Ugh. Fuck being an adult.


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Just got done watching more House with my buddy. I was right on none of the diagnoses (seriously, leprosy?) but that's what makes it fun. I also love House's little portable TVs. There's some magic about them that you just can't replicate with Netflix on a smartphone, you know? I always wanted one as a kid and I'm half-tempted to see if you can get ones that still work with terrestrial TV signals.

Speaking of medicine, I'm having an... unusual problem with my classwork right now. For this unit I'm doing SFX prosthetics and so I've chosen to recreate tertiary syphilis, right? The problem is nobody really gets that these days - modern medicine is a marvel and usually syphilis gets treated right away - so I can't find many accurate and modern photographs of what I'm trying to make. I mean, sure, there technically are photos but reference images of tertiary syphilis of the dick and balls isn't gonna help in this case. What an unusual and aggravating issue.

Nothing much else to report of note.


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Back to being stressed. I have everything together for class but there's always that underlying worry, you know? That suddenly things will spiral out of my control and all fall apart. Tomorrow is a half day so I'm aiming to get the skin texture & scar texture done on my sfx piece, and then all that's left to do really is making the mould and making it look nice.

I always forget how totally overwhelmed I get by things and then I get stressed and I'm like, "oh yeah, I do in fact have autism". My iPad is now refusing to charge because the cable is totally busted and the new cable doesn't arrive until tomorrow afternoon and so I can't draw or work on my uni notes because they're on my iPad and AUUUUUUGHHHH. Things will be fine. Everything is gonna be a-okay.


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Worked on my Winslow helmet today. I'm praying I get it done in time for Comic-Con but I should be able to because I just need to cover in worbla and EVA foam and add the front piece, then paint it. I'm calling in a favour for the cape so God willing that gets sorted in time too. This is my first ever handmade cosplay so I'm trying not to over-pressure myself but it would be nice if it looked sick as fuck, you know? Gotta impress.

The rest of the day I just chilled out and played Splat3 (mostly Salmon Run). Yesterday I got a temp filling at the dentist and dentists are my biggest fear - gotta love genuine PTSD-inducing dental experiences - but I survived! My old dentist fucked up the filling so bad that it cracked and it was really gross so having it fixed is joyous. I need a root canal but new dentist is gonna sort that with the hospital. He did ask me if I was going to bite him. I said no, but my mouth was full of hand so I don't think he understood me.

Debating posting some of my OC writing here. I have a project I'm working on that I'm keeping relatively mum on, but I don't know if you guys would be interested in little scraps of writing. I have a whole backlog of art that I'm gonna post too once I figure out how to format that.

Also, the sitemap is really ugly right now but it is functional and that's all one can really hope for. I need to fix that up, and get the Bagpuss problem sorted (for some unknown reason one of the videos is a different size to all the rest and I cannot figure out how to fix that), and add a couple more videos I have stashed away. More content is coming! I promise!


Mood: Relaxed (for once)

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Finally getting this blog back up and running again. I can't believe how much better I've gotten at coding since my last go-around. I mean, I actually used to not have a CSS file and just... dump my css into every individual page which, if you ask me, is serial killer behaviour. I also edited straight into the Neocities editor. I think 2019 me was going through some shit and that was my equivalent of those old timey monks whipping themselves.

I'm too lazy to futz with the colours of this page right now, but this is my favourite painting so I don't care too much. It is what it is, you know?

University is busting my ass hardcore anyway. We're doing SFX makeup right now - we had to make a whole little face cast and all that (I'll post a process once I'm done) and now I'm modeling syphilis onto my face with monster clay. It was that or making myself old, and I don't think my psyche can handle looking into the lifeless face of Old Will.

It's strange reading back the journal entries from summer 2019. The pre-covid irony is strong - "I've also been going on walks to kill my boredom (I cannot stand to be cooped up at home) and I'm probably gonna ask mum if I can go up city at some point before I keel over and die." - and seventeen-year-old Will was completely unaware of the mental illnesses creeping up to crack him over the head.

I wouldn't go back and change anything, though. Media with time-travel in always psychs me out because if you change even one thing that happened in the past - even for the better - are you still you? I'm not happy I went through trauma but I don't think I'd go back in time and take it all back because I'm in a good spot in my life now, and if I didn't take the route I did to get here then I wouldn't be here. I'd be someone else, doing something else.

Haven't figured out how to add comments to this, so if you've got something to say drop it on my site profile or in my guestbook.