my name is will & i'm a twenty-one year old art student living in london. i study technical arts for theatre and performance (long name, i know) which basically means i make props, puppets, sculptures, et cetera.

my main interests are:
  • world war one
  • horror
  • historical medicine & diseases
  • puppetry & stop motion
  • the london underground
  • collecting & archiving
  • clocks & antiques

    i have two giant african land snails (henceforth known as GALs) called wes & wick and one extremely spherical cat called sooty.

    some other stuff about me, in no particular order:

    • professional pronoun-haver
    • will is not short for william
    • i have a blue peter badge
    • i accidentally photobombed a tiktok of david harbour AND some photos for an article in the metro (the article stank)