hi, my name is will! i'm a 20yr old puppet enthusiast, tech arts student, sort-of visual novel dev, artist, and lover of all things weird.

this site contains a multitude of different things but the feather in its cap is definitely my continually growing archive of (primarily british) obscure-ish puppetry & stop-motion shows. if you have a show you want to see, feel free to drop a message on my profile or email me at milkday@protonmail.com

  • 26/05/22 - added a bunch of pages + directory, added mutuals, basically everything
    27/05/22 - working on some behind the scenes stuff
    28/05/22 - added three episodes of bagpuss to the video archive
    ???/05/22 - added pogles wood to the archive + added gifypet
    13/06/22 - added bat boy: the musical and assassins bootlegs