roll up! roll up! welcome to will's wonderful wunderkammer!

what's a wunderkammer? well, imagine a cupboard. yes, that's it. that's a wunderkammer. what makes it wunder is what's in it. you've already met hector&hec2or (the 2 is pronounced 't') who lives on top of it (because it's pretty hard to fit a calf into a cupboard, as you can imagine). i have bootlegs of my favourite musicals, archives of vintage and relatively obscure (if you're not english) stop-motion & puppet shows, and i'll be adding more stuff until i die or get incapacitated. whichever comes first.

this site is under construction!


  • 13/10/22 - added graphics page, all handmade by me!
  • 07/10/22 - updated album of the week, posted first album review
  • 04/10/22 - joined the autisTBH webring!
  • 29/09/22 - added more fun little boxes and the inaugural Album of The Week (updates thursdays)

perpetuum mobile - penguin cafe orchestra